Trailer Manufacture Government Regulations

There are legal requirements and a National Code of Practice in building and manufacturing boat trailers. All reputable manufacturers should adhere to the code when building trailers up to 4.5 tonne Aggregate Mass.

Legal requirements for boat trailers are enforceable and great care must be taken when we tow our boats, repair, and upgrade or purchase a new one.
Not just for the safety of the public but also for the safety of the investment in our boats.

I am sure we have all seen some nasty accidents that are attributable to the trailer, so below are some of the basic legal requirements:

  • Up to and including 750kg you don’t need brakes
  • 750kg to 2000kg the trailer must have a mechanical brake system
  • 2000kg and over the trailer must have a brake away system (if the trailer detaches from the car the
  • brakes automatically apply)
  • 2.5 metres is the maximum width before it becomes a wide load

To download a copy of the current National Code of Practice, please use the link below:

National Code of Practice